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Steroid fights: Mack Horton of Australia Vs SUN Yang of China.

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I am not sure if you guys are following the on going Olympics in Brazil. The biggest news in Chinese people's eyes are Australia swimming athlete: Mack Horton's comments on Chinese swimming athlete Sun Yang. Most Chinese people are furious about Horton's comment of Sun as a "drug cheat". But I am curious.

How does Horton know Sun uses roids?

What does SUN use?


SUN's training is mostly in Australia. If any of my over 1000 Australia buyers know anything about this, I would like to tip off $50 free shipping gift for anyone who would share the insight with me.


This comment of Mack Horton on Sun yang is huge in China.  Everybody knows it and everybody is furious. Do you know we can't use facebook or twitter or instgram from China? About a million people climbed over the firewall to Horton's instgram page and yelled at him.  Horton's wiki page is changed, claiming he is not a fair player. I don't understand why they are so angry.  Sun had been caught using roids before.  I think his past test result shows that he used trimetazidine. TMZ.  But I sure have questions on it.  Why did he use it if he know this will show up in test.  Why nobody every want it from me?  Is TMZ important roids? why i have never heard of anyone else using it?

Any Australia buyers, if you have insights, please share with me.