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June 6th, sharing my knowledge of Chinese HGH producers with you

Some one ask me if I have good resource on HGH and he told me that he wasn't satisfied with his current source.  Blood testing no good.  Here's my response.  I am sharing some knowledge on local market with you.

illegal HGH has became a supporting business for a town named Zhongshan, in Guangdong, China.  Ever since Changchun jinsai was fined 8 million dollars in the US for selling illegally in 2012, the only legal producer of HGH in China, Changchun Jinsai is extremely cautious about their sales channel.  Which made many smaller hospitals in rural , remote areas of China out of Changchun Jinsai's criteria.  There are millions of children who need HGH and don't have access to HGH locally.  Empty market pushed underground HGH production. 

If you search on, you will find tons of HGH producers all of them from Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.  HGH is relatively easily produce by raising a special kind of transgene coli bacillus.  As long as you have access to the original trans-gene coli bacillus, you can go on raise them and obtain HGH through processing. I can say all of ZHONGSHAN HGH started from THE same resource of colibacillus, which they purchased from a Chinese PHD student from university of Columbia(US).  All of ZHONGSHAN HGH quality is similar, actually I believe all producers are relatives of one same town. 

If you are not satisfied with one of the producers from Zhongshan, then, you won't be satisfied from any seller there.