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July 7th, the good old deca/test e melting problem.

keywords: test e, deca, summer, melting, Australia

Test e and deca melts at not so high temperature.  Test e around 34-37 degree and deca 75 degree.  We all know that in a sealed truck trunk goes up to 50-60 degrees in sunlight easily.  So that if you order test e or deca in summer, you will probably received a sticky yellowish stuff.  The problem is that the window of good temperature is very short for Australian buyers.  Either China or Australia is always on summer.

Melted test e or deca doesn't affect your usage.  You will need to melt them into oil anyway.  But you can't weight them very acurately if it is sticky yellowish.  Or hard crystal yellowish thing.  It is not easy to handle as white powder after all.