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Important information about corona virus.

Hi, guys. I am SONG. Remember me? Roids seller from China. I am sending this email to offer you some information about corona-virus. I thought about this for a while and I decided to do it now. I am risking my real identity to warn you and please take this seriously. My real job is a pharmacist and I am now stationing at Huanggang, Hubei Province with a team of doctors and nurses from our hospital. I have been here more than 2 weeks and witnessed about 300 patients. My roommate is a clinical laboratorian. We have nothing to do but to talk about patients and tests. Tests are awful. Doctors don’t trust tests. The DNA test is NOT in compliance with CT scanning results. Many patients are in serious condition and test negative. There is no formal explanation, but we think the problem is with sampling. The corona virus is very different from flu or any other virus we knew before. Traditional throat swaps often do not have any virus at all because the virus is only at lung. Sputum is jello and stick at bottom of lung drowning patients slowly. Nurses tried every way possible but can’t get sputum out, way too deep and sticky. I thought the problem was with Chinese hospitals only, but I saw Korea, Japan, Italy, UK following exactly the same track. They are having our old problems and all the same. My suggestions: Please don’t go to gym for a while. Just for safety sake. People don’t work out in china, but they love to sing. Chorus is especially dangerous. Blushing out tiny sprays and deep breaths which is exactly like in gyms. I saw whole chorus dying one after another. Their situation is especially serious. I think Korea cult has such killing infectious rate is because they sing together. Gym is quite similar situation with chorus. Long hours of deep breath. Working out outside is safe. Jogging is perfectly safe. Please work out at home just for a while and stay safe!! Masks is only necessary when you got to supermarkets or taking public transportation. Do not eat on airplane that is safe-enough for you. I saw too many unexpected young deaths in last 2 weeks. It broke me. Please take care my friends. Q&A: What do you think the real figures are? I think death maybe twice as reported because many early ones or those happened at remote places were not covered. Infection maybe 3 times as reported. It’s not government covering up figures, but people don’t want to reveal themselves. When people realized they might have the corona-virus, they have already carried around the virus for at least a week. Usually they panic and think about all the people they met in the past week. What their friends / family / neighbors might think of him if the caught the virus through him. They usually keep quite unless situation gets very bad. We knew 85% can recover by taking lots of rests. That is why there are so many infections with unknown origin. Media says it’s like flu and only dangerous for very old or weak people. I witnessed only about 20 deaths. Most of them all family dying regardless of age. Maybe the youngest male can survive. The virus does kill old people. And through my observation, it seems unfriendly to slightly over-weight people, those who are slight over-weight. BMI maybe 27, 28, age around 30+-3. SONG