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How to use T3 / cytomel: a simple instruction


I know many people are using T3 as a weight controller.  I don't want to give any opinion on that.  I would like to talk simply and clearly about how to use T3 as a thyroid deficiency patient.


The usage starts with a blood testing to confirm low thyroid level.  In China, hospitals call it Thyroid 3.  There are 2 types of thyroid test pack, thyroid 3 and thyroid 5.  Thyroid 5 is much more expensive than thyroid 3 and you don’t need the extra 2 tests.


Thyroid 3 is a test of T3 (thiiodothronine), T4 (thyroxine) and TSH (thyroid - stimulating).  It is about $40 in China and you need to go to hospital in the morning with empty stomach and tell the doctors your symptons, very sleepy and lazy and you want a Thyroid 3 test.  You should monitor your blood thyroid change in the whole process, so, maybe several blood tests to confirm the change.  And actually you may feel the T4 blood level change yourself.  It mainly reflects on your sleep and temper.  If you find yourself hard to sleep or easy to lose your temper, you are probably too high with thyroid blood level.


A thyroid deficiency patient's blood test would be, T3 low; T4 low; TSH high.


You may start using T3 now.  Human body is extremely sensitive to thyroxin.  It is very bad for your heart if you jumps in to use 1,2 pills suddenly and stop after 2,3 days.  You are suggested to start from very very low dosage, say, 1/4 of a pill.  You take it for 3 days, then increase to 1/2 pills.  Increasing 1/4 pills every 3 days. 


You are suggested to test your blood every 10 days.  T3 kicks in quite slow.  Blood test won’t show any difference in less than 10 days.  Actually T3 won't kick in to make you feel it in less than 2 weeks' time.  When you want to stop using T3, you should also follow the cautious way out.  1/4 pill down every 3 days till you are completely off T3.


Normal human body creates about 90ug of T4 every day.  The overall storage pool of T4 in human body is around 900ug.  That's why there's the 10 days blood test rule.