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Giving off free Duromine! Perfect quality, free, for you to try

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Hi, guys, I am selling duromine now.  It is very hot in market and there are hundreds of differently raw powder suppliers in market.  Maybe thousands of private labs are producing it.  I didn't think of selling it because competition from fake ones and scams is huge.  But too many of my buyers requested it.  I decided to sell.  I bought about 10 different raw material samples from market, tested and compared supplier reliability and decided to go with one of them.  I will be sell my own version of duromine.

I paid good money for the raw material and made the investment to have them pressed into tablets by a GMP factory.  I promise my buyers it is perfect quality thought it looks nothing like the real ones.  I designed them as the simplest white pills for easy shipping.  I am selling pirate version of duromine and I don't hide this fact.  I just promise you it's perfect quality. 

For dosage, I went with the lowest dosage 15mg.  You can eat a few more pills if you need more dosage.  My dosage is very accurate and tablets are very small easy to swallow.  For price, I decided to sell the at 1/5 of the real stuff at retail.  1/10 if you buy in bulk quantity(10 packs).

I decide to go on a promotion till August 15, 2017.  Before that date, anybody ordering anything can get one free pack and try out the quality.

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