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FREE GMP Duromine 15mg x 30 tablets $20

One free pack for each order Please! Guys! I promise you it's perfect quality.  Please take one for free and try out my product!~

Hi, guys, I am selling duromine now.  It is very hot in market and there are hundreds of differently raw powder suppliers in market.  Maybe thousands of private labs are producing it.  I didn't think of selling it because competition from fake ones and scams is huge.  But too many of my buyers requested it.  I decided to sell.  I bought about 10 different raw material samples from market, tested and compared supplier reliability and decided to go with one of them.  I will be sell my own version of duromine.

I paid good money for the raw material and made the investment to have them pressed into tablets by a GMP factory.  I promise my buyers it is perfect quality thought it looks nothing like the real ones.  I designed them as the simplest white pills for easy shipping.  I am selling pirate version of duromine and I don't hide this fact.  I just promise you it's perfect quality. 

For dosage, I went with the lowest dosage 15mg.  You can eat a few more pills if you need more dosage.  My dosage is very accurate and tablets are very small easy to swallow.  For price, I decided to sell the at 1/5 of the real stuff at retail.  1/10 if you buy in bulk quantity(10 packs).

I decide to go on a promotion till August 15, 2017.  Before that date, anybody ordering anything can get one free pack and try out the quality.

Following is my product introduction template.  Any more questions please ask me.  You know my email.


GMP means GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES published by WHO (World Health Organization). It is the production management standard that China's medication system uses. My GMP series are my best sellers. I ordered from a GMP standard factory, had to fake some documents. The minimum order of any GMP factory is in millions. It costs a fortune.  The production control standard is exactly the same as any other Chinese legal medication.  But it's production is not legally permitted and I don't have a national serial number for them.

Australian buyers, Please notice. If you order GMP series. I will NOT refund you 100% or reship for free if Australian customs takes it. How do I know Australia customs takes it? If track number stops moving forward at Sydney or Melbourne cargo center and you will receive a seize note in about 2 week's time. You are strongly recommended to buy the Safe-Creative series.

US/UK/CANADA buyers, this warning have nothing to do with you. Please order.

Name duromine
Dosage 15mg
Quantity 30 tablets
Producer I ordered from a GMP factory and I supervised it's productions personally.

Transaction Rules

Payment: credit card, Western Union, WU, Bitcoins.

Delivery / Tracking / Arrival Date:

Delivery fee: $50 for anything to anywhere worldwide.

Arrival area: all of US / UK / CANADA / Australia / most EU countries like: France / Spain / Portugal

No shipping to Germany / Swiss / Sweden. Too strict, impossible to pass customs.

Shipping: EMS EMS arrives in about 12-15 days after credit card.  Online track number service available. I use a remailer to cover up my real address. It takes 2,3 days for my package to arrive at my remailer's place and it takes 1 day for my remailer to process my packages. That is why track numbers are usually 2,3 days later than my delivery date.

Customs Seize Remedy

For US / UK / CANADA / RUSSIA / FRANCE / SPAIN / SINGAPORE / JAPAN buyers, if your packages were seized by customs or lost in delivery, I promise 100% refund or free resend until you receive the order.

NO customs seize remedy for Australian buyers except the Safe-Creative series.

Contact:  back up email: 

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FREE GMP Duromine 15mg x 30 tablets $20duromine1-australia


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