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Mebolazine DYMETHAZINE 10mg x 50 tablets $40


GMP means "GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES" published by World Health Organization. It is the production management standard that Chinese National Medication system complies with. My GMP series are my best sellers. I managed to order from a GMP standard factory. Minimum order is in millions. It cost me a fortune.  The production control standard is exactly the same as any other Chinese legal medication.  But it's production is not legally registered and I don't have a national serial number for this product.

---- Packing ----

You will receive the product packed in sealed bags. It could be labeled as anything.  It could be hidden inside anything.  If you receive a toy or a decoration.  If you can not find out where the stuff is hidden.  Don't get mad, contact me.

---- Product Description ----

Name Mebolazine Dymethazine
Inactive component Starch
Dosgae 10mg
Quantity 50
Price US $40
Producer I ordered from a GMP factory and I supervised it's production myself.

---- Bulk Discount ----

1 bottle of 50 tablets; US $40 each.

10 bottles of 50 tablets; US $25 each.

---- Payment / Arrival ----

** Payment: credit card, Western Union, WU, Bitcoins.

** Delivery fee: $50 for anything to anywhere worldwide.

** Arrival area: all of US / UK / CANADA / Australia / most EU countries like: France / Spain / Portugal

  No shipping to Germany / Swiss / Sweden. Too strict, impossible to pass customs.

** Shipping: EMS EMS arrives in about 12-15 days after credit card.  Online track number service available.

** remailer and delay in track numbers.  I use a remailer to cover up my real address. It takes 2,3 days for my package to arrive at my remailer's place and it takes 1 day for my remailer to process my packages. That is why track numbers are usually 2,3 days later than my delivery date.

---- Customs Seize Remedy ----

For Australia / US / UK / CANADA / RUSSIA / FRANCE / SPAIN / SINGAPORE / JAPAN buyers, if your packages were seized by customs or lost in delivery, I promise 100% refund or free resend until you receive the order.

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Mebolazine DYMETHAZINE 10mg x 50 tablets $40mebolazine-australia


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